Now may be the right time to consider a merger or sale.

The Achievement Group is looking to acquire certain strategic ownership interests of 10-100% in agencies and blocks of life and health business. Our goal is to incorporate TAG’s resources, like training and sales programs, to enhance the value of your agency and increase revenues. Whether it’s just emerging or already established, we want to bring long-term value to your agency and possibly purchase your ownership stock if, and when, you are ready to retire.

When should an agent or agency principal consider a merger or sale?

  • When you’re thinking about retirement or developing a succession plan.
  • When you’re not prepared to keep up with technological or regulatory demands.
  • When you want to downsize and stop working with a certain company or block of business.
  • When your ability to grow has been slowed by the economic environment or financial limitations.
  • When you want to increase your potential: one plus one can equal more than two!

Whether you’re simply selling your renewals or developing your exit strategy, contact Brad to start the dialogue or to get more information on the benefits of working together.

Since 1983, Brad Tison has been an agent advisor, a home office executive, and a IMO/BGA principal. In 1994, he formed The Achievement Group, which has been working with financial institutions, insurance agencies and insurance professionals for over 20 years to maximize their performance and return, while helping those groups to deliver the right products to their customers. The Achievement Group has become known for a personal touch and uncommon results, helping agencies and agents to make a bigger difference through building strong relationships.

Call (866) 845-5292 or email Brad directly to start the conversation about mergers and acquisitions today.