Here is a page dedicated to living benefits with AIG Partners. On this page you will find sales concepts, Quality of Life materials (living benefits rider) and product highlights. There is also a link to videos and more sales materials.

If you would like to visit AIG Partners website to view videos and more sales materials (no log on needed) Here is a link AIG PARTNERS

Quality of Life Materials

PDF: AIG Partners-QOL-ABR_Brochure

PDF: Life_Insurance_You_Dont_Have

QOL Sales Concepts / Success Stories

PDF: 2 is better than 1

PDF: Stacie_Starkey_Flyer

PDF: QoL Max Accumulator+ Sequence of Returns

PDF: Quality of Life…Insurance® Flyer

QOL Product Highlights / Producer Guides

PDF: QoL Flex Term – with SelectChoice ABR

PDF: QoL Guarantee Plus GUL II®

PDF: QoL Max Accumulator+ Financial Professionals’ Guide